Besides the mobile platform, we also partner with individuals and provide them with all support to bring such activities at a smaller scale in cities and neighborhood.

MicroGalleries in Jakarta, Indonesia

October 2017

The pop-up at Micro Galleries festival worked around the concept of Paradigms; depicting the shifts in human evolution – emotionally, philosophically and technologically.

Technology has been moving fast after with the advent of smartphones giving a common user the power of information and world at fingertips. Our focus is to bring the hi-tech infrastructure into low-cost art installations. 3D projection mapping is a technique used to project lights on specially built or real life 3D surfaces. To make the installations interesting and interactive, we use different electronic sensors.

Usually projection mapping involves 4 steps: concept and design, building or preparing  the physical structure, creating digital content and, finally, mapping and live projection. We fit our work to the environment by using available surfaces, which also helps us reducing the time involved to build physical structures. This allows a focus of  time to create multiple interactions and art works over days at the festival.

During day, for example, in a facilitated crafting session, children developed an idea together, then set out with pen, scissors, paper to go about it. Each of them created their piece that create their whole art piece. Projection mapped lights add some magic.

JKT - MGalleries - day

In the evening, children interacted with lights and motion-sensors, seeing themselves in a different light with super powers.

JKT - MGalleries - night

With the Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

YRDP is a unique, local organization focused specifically on youth who demonstrate the potential for future leadership and the ability to drive positive, social change. YRDP provides non-formal education inspired by Paulo Freire and social dialogue to empower Cambodia’s youth.

We did a 3-hour pop-p at the center, with a set-up phase of another 2 hours. The about 15 girls and boys tried:

  • Motion sensor reactive light installations
  • AR spark discussion through information
  • Immersive room – lights for relaxation
  • Reflexion circle afterwards