A mobile platform to attend the protracted areas to engage with people and help them in stress relief activities. The team brings easy to set-up activities, gigs and games to allow children and adults alike to participate, collaborate and enjoy a digital Cyrcus.

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Manifold content options

There is virtually no limit to content and activity creation appropriate for needs and interests of different groups. This activity aims at locally appropriate and relatively simple approaches to allow for quick set-up and to be understood by unexperienced participants with possible contents including:

  • Use paints to color paper forms like fishes, scan them. Through animation software the childrens’ fishes become virtual content, moving on projected walls (see photo 1)
  • Motion sensors provide interactive experiences like changing animated content though movement (see photo 2) or creating music by moving on a projected instrument (see photo 3)
  • Learning an be enahnced through youth experriencing concepts learned, such as using a real sandbox, building topographies and learning how virtual water flows adapt to lanscape changes (see photo 4)
  • Sparking creativity through interactive story telling, Children can change subject, action, time, and results of the story jumping on spots on a carpet – creating over 60 M different mini-stories (see photo 5).
  • Motion and sound sensors allow people to see themselves and allow their shadows to change animated projected content (see photo 6) but also provide ways for youth to express themselves (see photo 9)
  • Voice sensors, linked with digital or live music (e.g. traditional instruments) to visualize sounds
  • Digital collaborative painting can engage participants to draw together or color pre-painted forms through touch (see photo 8)
  • Creating immersive spaces that provide a different perception of space contribute to stress relief (see photo 7)
  • Diverse content on the internet can be displayed, where appropriate and complementary to other workshops and trainings, e.g. using Google street view to explore regions
  • Create individual photos and collage from photo documentations and provide print outs to individuals and community (chance to create lasting memories in new life phase)
  • Can reuse space for either guided reflection (context adapted, e.g. local tunes, local language) with soothing projections and comfortable resting areas. Can be combined with light therapy approaches.
  • Can reuse one room as cinema (documentaries, educational or suitable recreational content) during off projection timesReader - options 2.png